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  • Knee Strengthening Exercises for Women

    These are some of knee strengthening exercises which are very important to strengthen your knees: Inclining your back touching a wall. While you are in the said position your knees should also be bended at an angle of 90 degrees sliding downward, then again straighten up. Do it smoothly and little by little. Your legs…

  • AT-home Exercises for Knee Tendonitis

    Some types of chronic Knee tendonitis pain may be controlled through exercise. Andrew Carrigan, athletic trainer and instructor, recommends these Knee tendonitis exercises for strengthening for increased flexibility and strength to combat chronic knee pain. For all the exercises, assume that the right knee is injured.

  • Knee Massage

    How to Give Knee Massage? The technique in giving a Knee Massage depends on the condition of the knee. This means that before giving a massage, you should know first if the person is experiencing pain on the knee. However, if you will employ massage make sure to do it correctly. Knee massage can be…